Think – Who did your income taxes last year? Did they give you good service? Were you happy with the result? Did they even KNOW trucker taxes?

Over a year ago, the TruckingOffice team made a commitment to go beyond simply providing the very best bookkeeping and record keeping services available. We began a search for the very best in other important services that all professional drivers need, like factoring, insurance and tax services.

Several months ago, we had the opportunity to become personally acquainted with Dennis Bridges and his team at eTruckerTax. (His main office is in Atlanta, but he works with drivers nationwide.)

The questions we asked ourselves in our search are the same ones that you should ask yourself if you happen to be searching for a new preparer:

  1. Do they give prompt, attentive service?
  2. Do they know trucker taxes inside and out?
  3. Do they provide a great value for the fees charged?
  4. Have they been around basically forever? Do they have a track record? Have they proven themselves?
  5. And finally, are they fun and pleasant to deal with?

After checking out Dennis Bridges and eTruckerTax VERY thoroughly, we are very happy to recommend them to you for all your tax needs, starting with this tax season.

If filing your taxes is about as fun as a trip to the dentist, or if you answered “No” to even one of the questions above when you checked out another tax service, we strongly recommend that you reach out to Dennis Bridges, CPA and his awesome team at eTruckerTax TODAY!

Dennis has been working with truck drivers and small trucking companies nationwide for over 20 years, helping owner-operators save THOUSANDS of dollars on their taxes.

You can click here to find out about a very special offer he has put together exclusively for TruckingOffice members, whether you’re still dealing with prior-year issues or you just want the best trucker tax guy in the country to handle your taxes.

For even faster service, call his office direct at 888-234-3485, and be sure to tell them you’re from TruckingOffice. His special offer for our TruckingOffice members is only available for a limited time, so check him out today while it’s on your mind!

Best regards,
Your friends at TruckingOffice

P.S.- Is the IRS breathing down your neck? They deal with IRS problems of all kinds too! Dennis literally wrote the book on dealing with IRS issues. Call or email them today and sleep better tonight!

P.P.S.- Still not convinced? Check out what these folks said about him…

“Dennis Bridges is one of the few accountants in the country that really understands truckers and their taxes.”
-Attorney Tommy Swate, Speaking at the Great American Trucking Show (GATS) in Dallas, Texas

“Dennis Bridges is the trucker’s IRS Problem Solver!”
– Brendan Cooney, Assoc. Editor, Truckers News Magazine

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