How long does IFTA take? All the time you will let it take. It’s called Parkinson’s Law. Work will take all the time you set aside to complete it. There are entire books about it you can find on Amazon or at the library.

Getting Your IFTA Done Faster

Nobody wants to spend hours on an IFTA filing. But we know plenty of people who will take a day off the road and try to manage it by hand. They’ll work with spreadsheets, they’ll use a calculator, they’ll have lists of state mileage and dozens of fuel receipts. Or worse, they will hand all this over to an accountant and pay for the extra work of organizing it all.

We think the best way is also the fastest way. By reusing data instead of handling it all over again. By reducing the computations by hand and using a computer instead. Instead of spending hours, with the right software program, the IFTA filing can be done in minutes.

What do you need to finish your IFTA?

You see, the data you need for IFTA is probably already at your fingertips. When you create a dispatch and an invoice, you’re already have created a record with the data you need. What you need is a way to access that data quickly and efficiently.

If you use Google, you may think you can pull it all together quickly. But you’re doing the work again. Getting your miles per state means you have to set up the routes again. You get to hope you’ve got all your receipts – the ones you probably already put into your records as expenses.

Why repeat work?

TruckingOffice Trucking Management Software Manages IFTA

You don’t have to do anything extra to complete your IFTA report when you use TruckingOffice. It’s your IFTA solution to the problem of trying to put together a quarterly report. Instead of reentering all your data, it’s already there to solve your IFTA problems. No more day off the road, no more late nights with calculators. Just run the report and fill out your state’s IFTA report. Then you’re done.

The Extra Benefits of TruckingOffice TMS Apart From Managing IFTA Reports

Maintaining IFTA compliance is a big deal to truckers.  But, it’s not the only aspect of keeping your business functioning that could use some help.  Think about it this way. You spend hours calculating invoices, figuring driver pay, organizing (or looking for) receipts, and planning routes.  Before you know it, you’re running behind after losing all that time.  All that time spent on paperwork could be better spent behind the wheel.  

There is an easier way to get those tasks done and still have time to get out on the road and build your business.  At TruckingOffice we’ll make your job easier and more profitable. 

With our TMS, you can do more than IFTA reports.  Our trucking software helps you manage all those dreaded administrative tasks.  You can generate reports to show where your company stands financially, get paid faster with automated invoicing, and keep your vehicles in good running condition with our vehicle maintenance reports. 

But, that’s not all.  The many features of our system are there to help you run a successful, profitable operation.  Use this no-obligation free trial to learn more. You’ll discover that our trucking management software goes beyond IFTA reporting to save you time and money.

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