I typed the words “FREE IFTA” in a Google search tonight.  I didn’t think I’d find anything, but sure enough, there was a free IFTA calculator on the screen.Free IFTA calculator isn't worth the money

But was it free?

Technically, it’s free for you to enter your data – for the USA only. Even that’s just a demo.  You can’t print it, you can’t email it.

Sorry, Canadian drivers, you have to pay.

So much for “free IFTA.”  More like bait and switch.

A Truly Free IFTA

We’ve said all along that the IFTA report is just a side benefit to a good trucking management software.  If you’re using a program that allows you to enter the data for the load to produce an invoice, you can use the same data to compute your IFTA and IRP without entering it again in another software program.

  1. You don’t have to waste time entering it again.
  2. You don’t have to worry about introducing errors when you retype the data.

That means free – free from worry, free time for other things.

Having a “free IFTA” as part of a trucking management software program (TMS) is only one part of the picture.

When I owned several trucks, I had so many spreadsheets to manage the IFTA, IRP, maintenance, invoicing (due and past due) that I couldn’t even explain my system.  That’s when we created TruckingOffice.  A software system that does it all for an owner-operator or a fleet manager:

  • invoice management
  • truck routing
  • driver settlements
  • maintenance records and scheduling
  • customer database
  • fuel reports
  • IFTA and IRP.

When I got audited, all I had to to was print out a report from my computer.  TruckingOffice not only saved the day (and me from the possibility of some heavy fines) but it helped me discover how to make more money as a trucker.

I’ve Learned a Lot about Free

If someone is offering you something for free, then they’re using you to make money.  You’re either the customer they sell to – or you are the product they’re selling to others.

We’re all guilty of saying “If it’s free, it’s for me!”  Why not take advantage of a good deal when you can, right?  My father always said that if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably was.  In some cases, that’s true. But, hopefully, you haven’t become totally discouraged about free offers and are willing to give ours a try.  Especially if you’ve become overwhelmed by IRP and IFTA requirements.  

You need to try the IFTA mileage calculator firsthand to get an idea of how simple it is to get these reports done accurately and on a timely basis.  Our free IFTA calculator is essential for your IFTA reporting.  That’s why we are giving you a chance to take it for a test drive with no obligation.  It’s the best way to find out if those good things thousands of other truckers are saying about TruckingOffice are true.  You’ll be glad you did.

I bet you’re wondering why we offer a free trial if I think that free isn’t a good idea.

I do think that TruckingOffice is the best trucking management software on the planet.  But me saying that isn’t very convincing.  Owner-operators and fleet managers need to get their hands on the software for a free trial to discover what a TMS can do for them.  That’s why we run a free trial when we don’t even ask for a credit card number.  We want you to try it for yourself.

Free IFTA from TruckingOffice

In fact, I’ll even tell you how you can use our free trial right now to do your IFTA for free.

Sign up for the free trial here.

Now enter the last quarter’s data into the program.  It won’t take long – our system is easy to learn.  Within a few loads and you’ll find you’re entering each load in less than a minute – the quarter’s worth of data will get done pretty quick.

Then run the report.  Your IFTA report will be available for you to print out right away.  But that’s not all you’ll get for free.

  1. You’ll know your business better with our trucking business reports that will show you where you’re making money and where you’re losing it.
  2. You’ll have a database of your customers to contact for future loads.

Our free trial can give you a lot of data as well as your IFTA.

Then you can decide if you’re up to saving time and making more money while reducing the paperwork you have to do.

That’s really free.

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