Did you forget about your IFTA due at the end of October?  Yeah, we get it.  We forget about things.  Stuff happens… like the Cleveland Browns winning a football game yesterday.  The shock will knock stuff out of your mind – like posting today’s blog post.

What happens if you forget about your IFTA?

Short answer:  fines.  Long answer:  big fines and maybe you’re off the road until the taxes and the penalties and fines are paid.  Every state had a different answer to the question, including tickets, impounding the load and keeping you off the road until you’re square with the government.  That’s a pretty expensive “I forgot.”

Fortunately, you’re not in trouble yet.  You’ve got a few days left this month to not forget your IFTA.  In fact, if you use TruckingOffice trucking management software, you really don’t have a problem at all.  When you enter a load into TruckingOffice’s invoice entry system, most of the details about that trip, including miles per state, are already entered in too.  All you’ll need to add are the fuel receipts and your IFTA report will be ready to print and pay.

It’s easier than watching a Browns game, we promise.

Miles Per State

For new or younger truckers, it’s crazy to think that there are some truckers who want to enter their miles per state by hand.  But we know you’re out there.  Whatever your reason, you want to post your own miles.

We’ve got you covered.  We do have an option in TruckingOffice trucking management software for you to enter your miles instead of using the PC*Miler option.  You can add your own miles and run the IFTA report just the same and get the fastest IFTA report available.

Go file your IFTA.

You can do it during one single commercial break, or when the Browns are going for another touchdown.  (It might be better to skip that anyway.)

So you don’t forget your IFTA, we post a month’s worth of reminders.  (When we don’t forget.  Let’s blame it on the Browns.)

In the meantime, Go TRIBE!  Go Cavs!  Go file your IFTA!




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