IFTA in minutesNobody ever said, “I like doing my billing by hand.”

The biggest improvement in the trucker world must be the use of computers to route our trucks, manage our accounts and finish that IFTA.  We’ve heard about all those different choices that truckers have made and tried to put together with spreadsheets and log books.  The true test of a system is how well it works when the IFTA roles around.  Some systems work faster, others sacrifice speed but claim to be more accurate.

I think you should have both.  That’s why we designed TruckingOffice trucking management software to be as streamlined as possible, but as powerful as we can make it.

With a single dispatch entry, you’re entering all the data the system needs to compute the mileage and driver settlement.  Add in the fuel purchases and you’ve got an invoice.  Add the expenses and you’ll know just how you’re making money – or what you need to do to make more.

No one will ever say, “I like doing my IFTA the long way.”

No one ever said, “I like doing my IFTA” and was serious about it.  There are dozens of better ways to spend your time and efforts.  The time off the road – that’s an expense no one wants to pay.  The headaches of columns of numbers that maybe don’t balance, even the third or fourth time you add them up.  That many cups of coffee in one day, hunched over a desk – it can’t be good for you.

Why should you have to re-enter data?  You’ve already put it once.  You should be able to reuse that data again and again – the IFTA and the IRP, your invoices, your bottom line.  In fact, if you do your IFTA on a monthly basis, you should be able to figure out where you buy your next tank of fuel to decrease your quarterly payments.  But who wants to take the time to do that?

You will – if you use TruckingOffice trucking management software.

IFTA in Minutes

If you enter every dispatch – it will only take a minute per dispatch – and every fuel purchase, then your IFTA report will be done in seconds.  With our new state reports, you’ll get the exact numbers you need and the amounts that are due in the time it takes your printer to print.  You’ll have confidence that everything balances and that amount you have to pay is right.

Even if you haven’t used TruckingOffice before today, we invite you to use our free 30 day trial.  Put in all your data from the last quarter and you’ll see that even with the data entry, you’ll spend far less time on the IFTA report that comes out.

What Will You Do With Your Extra Time?

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