The electronic driver logbook has revolutionized how drivers log their work time. Here are some of the ways this innovation is making America’s roads safer:

  1. The electronic driver logbook reduces the amount of work drivers must do when recording their activities. In the past, record-keeping meant laboriously entering details about time spent driving, resting, inspecting the vehicle, etc., with old-fashioned pencil and paper. Today’s technology replaces those methods with a simple, efficient e-record system. This makes things easier on today’s transportation pros, who have enough on their plates without spending an excessive amount of time writing out paperwork by hand.
  2. The electronic driver logbook helps drivers that play by the rules stand out against the handful of truckers who enter false information. It enables those tasked with the job of enforcing work/sleep rules to do so as quickly and as accurately as possible. Now records can be checked at a glance, either online or by viewing printed copies. No more hassles with carbon paper, misplaced files, and other problems associated with older methods.
  3. The electronic driver logbook can also improve the reputation of the trucking industry by reducing logbook falsifications. The new system makes cheating much harder than it used to be. This leads to more alert drivers, less accidents, and safer roads for all. Not only truckers but also the public as a whole have a lot to gain from these advantages.

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