Not all truckers work off a load board. For example, private fleets of trucks. These fleets aren’t for hire. They exist strictly for their companies. They haul for a business, like WalMart or Pepsi. Those fleets are huge! And those truckers need an ELD system onboard, just like owner-operators who are independent long-distance drivers. While TruckingOffice ELD looks like it’s dedicated for independent long-distance truckers, it’s also a great tool for private fleets.

But not all private fleets belong to huge corporations. A private fleet might be your few trucks moving your product, or it may be trucks that haul equipment to jobsites.


It’s all about the hours of service (HOS). All truckers have restrictions on how many consecutive hours they can drive in a day. They have to take breaks. Those rules apply to all truckers with few exceptions.

In 2017, the US government mandated an ELD system to track a trucker’s HOS. The ELD systems available on the market are expected to be mandate compliant, but the ELD system equipment varies. Some connect to the trucker’s own smartphone or tablet, others are self-contained. All of them attach to the truck engine via the engine control module (ECM.)

The fleet must use ELD equipment that is currently compliant with the mandate. The ELD system has to work. It must record the data and store the data for six months.

The rules for ELDs for trucks applies to all fleets, including private fleets.

TruckingOffice ELD for Private Fleets

Many ELD systems were designed for big fleets of long distance truckers. They have dozens of extra features and a price tag to match.

If your company only has a few trucks, looking at an ELD system for dozens (or even hundreds) more trucks than your firm has in its private fleet is a simple waste of time.

Most of the time, owner-operators and independent truckers use TruckingOffice ELD with the TruckingOffice PRO trucking software. TruckingOffice PRO manages a trucking business, from dispatch to invoice. Private fleets probably don’t need that. They use their own billing/invoicing system since their trucks are managing their own inventory.

However, TruckingOffice ELD for trucks does work without the trucking management software package. It’s a stand-alone ELD that has always met the FMCSA standards. It’s simple to use. The truck data device attaches to the ECM and stays out of the way. The ELD data goes to an app on a phone or tablet. Private fleet drivers may already have those pieces of electronics for inventory management or for delivery instructions, so there isn’t a need for more equipment purchases.

TruckingOffice ELD for Trucks Does More!

Tracking the Loads at No Extra Charge!

You may already have a load-tracking system in place. Private fleet managers need to know their trucks are. Using the TruckingOffice ELD for trucks, you will receive regular data about the location of the ELD (and your load.) Because this system uses the GPS installed in the smartphone or tablet, there’s no additional charge for the load tracking.

TruckingOffice ELD works for all types of trucks – big 18-wheelers or vans and pickups and everything in between.

Are you looking for an ELD system for your fleet?

Contact us now if you’re interested in in a program that fulfills the ELD requirement simply and easily for your private fleet.

You can order the TruckingOffice ELD for your fleet on our website. Or you can reach TruckingOffice at 800-253-9647 today for more details about how TruckingOffice ELD can work with your private fleet.

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