Because TruckingOffice usually deals with long-distance owner operators, we haven’t ever discussed the need for an ELD for local businesses. Most companies that have a truck delivery as part of their business model don’t think that they need to get an ELD. But maybe they do.

Do Local Businesses Need an ELD?

The rules for IFTA stickers state “out of state” – so if you never leave your state, you don’t need an IFTA sticker. Plenty of people assume the same is true about the ELD for a truck that never leaves the state.

That’s not true.

  • If a short-haul driver uses timecards, they don’t need to use an ELD.
  • If the driver is delivering the vehicle being driven, they don’t need an ELD.
  • When a driver only uses a paper record of hours fewer than 8 days in a 30 day month, they won’t need an ELD.

If a driver is driving more than 150 miles in the same state in one day, they need an ELD for local businesses. For example, a truck driver for an in-state company is going from Cleveland to Cincinnati and back in one day, that’s in excess of 150 miles, so an ELD is required.

ELD for Local Businesses

Local businesses may not think about ELDs. It’s in-state!

Or they think that it’s just a little over the state line. No big deal, right?

Then, when they have to consider an ELD, they’re often seeing the high-end products on the front of the Google search page. Do they need the expensive ELDs?

No, they don’t. They need a basic ELD that will provide the basics, not the expensive bells and whistles that long-distance truck drivers need. It’s just that simple. Keep it simple.

TruckingOffice ELD

Easy to install.

Simple to use.

That’s all a local business needs from their ELD.

That’s why local businesses need TruckingOffice ELD. While the system is designed for long-distance truckers, it works as an ELD for local businesses too. The TruckingOffice ELD does integrate with a trucking management software TruckingOffice PRO, the ELD is also a stand-alone product.

So if you’re a local business and you need an ELD, check us out!

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