Looking for ELD data that fleet managers can use?

One of the key tasks of a fleet manager is to track the hours of a trucker to make sure they don’t go over the HOS restrictions.  Back in the days of paper logs, a fleet manager had to wait until the logs were turned in – maybe a week later.  Finding out that a trucker had gone over hours was after the fact.

Now we have the ELD and the ELD data on our computers.

The ELD is pretty unpopular with drivers.  Their hours are now strictly limited by the regulations from the DOT.  That can force drivers to speed or to drive when they should take a nap.  From the drivers’ perspective, this is a giant pain in the driver’s seat.

The equipment isn’t the only concern that fleet managers should have about the ELD in the truck cabs.  That data has to be stored securely.  That’s why there are wires in some of these systems:  the data is being stored on a drive in the cab.  That ELD system is a one-time purchase with no data-subscriptions charged every month.  That’s a feature to some managers.  We get that.  After all, that’s one payment you don’t have to worry about every month.  But do you get the data right away?  Can you access it easily?

Other ELD systems do require a link to some kind of wifi or phone to update the truck location to a remote data storage system.  This kind of system reduces the amount of equipment needed in the cab.  However, it does require the driver to have a smart phone with an app installed and active at all times – but we get real time ELD data.

Whatever system you pick, you need to be confident about the way the data is stored and how long it will be kept.

Why is that data storage important?

First, it’s required by the mandate that the driver provide the last 8 days worth of driving (today and the past 7 days) when asked for by a law official.  When a data storage system isn’t stable, isn’t accessible, or isn’t secure, it’s the last thing a trucker will want to turn over to a cop.

Is an expensive system likely to be better?  Hard to say.  But if the ELD data isn’t available in a Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR), it doesn’t matter how much you pay.

Second, we think that the ELD data is valuable to you as a fleet manager.

You now have documentation of how long a truck was in a shipping yard waiting for a load.  If a customer says you have to prove the truck was there to get detention pay – now you can.

You will have a record of driving habits and fuel consumption.  For fleet managers, controlling costs depends on learning what your drivers are doing.  This ELD data provides you with information to make important business decisions.

If your ELD service or equipment isn’t keeping this data, then it’s not the right one for you.

Fleet Management with the Right Fleet Management Software

The one year contracts with ELD services are coming up for those who waited for the last minute to get the electronic logging devices for their fleets.  You’ve had some time to look at your system and decide if it works for you.

Do you have bells and whistles on your ELD system that work for owner-operators – but not for your fleet?

Are you using equipment that your truckers can’t figure out how to use?

Maybe it’s time to look for a better system.  We recommend you consider TruckingOffice ELD.

It’s simple to install.  Plug and play with an app installed on a smart phone or tablet with Internet service and you’re good to go.

It’s easy to learn.  By keeping our system simple, a driver can learn to use and update quickly.

It’s secure.  Your drivers won’t have to worry about turning over their phones for the DVIR to an inspector or law officer.  Private data is safely stored and inaccessible.

It’s real time data – stored and ready for your use.  We’re prepared for your data:  you’ll have it for the entire required time frame.

It’s priced for the fleet.  Some systems have big price tags.  TruckingOffice has a low price and a great deal if you’re looking for equipment for several trucks.  Or one truck – we’ve got prices that will make you happy you switched.

Make ELD better for you and for your drivers.  Check out our free ELD Buyers Guide today to discover the power of simple and easy.

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