One of the points where trucking companies and their drivers have problems is communication. When a driver gets the load information, it can get lost, written down wrong, or changed during the trip. What every dispatcher needs is a simple and clear way to communicate with the driver. That’s the strength of a dispatch to ELD app. It reduces communication snafus.

Dispatcher Gets the Load

Especially in fleets, a driver might be on the road when a new shipment is scheduled. The driver could be minutes away from a pickup, or hours away from the time when the load is assigned to them. With smartphones, you’d think that communications problems would not be an issue.

Unfortunately, they are and will continue to be. It’s too easy to make a mistake when writing down critical information during a phone call. Numbers can be switched. Delivery times confused. Locations changed at the last minute.

It happens to everyone, at one point or another. In a world that practically demands that we multi-task, mistakes happen.

How do we reduce those mistakes? How do we make the transfer of information easier from the dispatcher to the drive?

So… how about an ELD app that helps everyone at the same time?

Driver Gets the Load at the same time?

Wouldn’t it be ideal to get the dispatcher and the driver on the same page – at the same time?

Wouldn’t it be cooler if the dispatcher, the driver and the bookkeeper were all working with the same data?

That’s why a trucking management software (TMS) with a connected ELD is the best choice for a trucking fleet. Instead of relying on telephones or text messages, to be able to update information in one place and let the entire chain get it at the same time will eliminate most, if not all, communications problems that cause problems in the freight industry.

You can get an ELD app from Apple Pay, or Google Store. It will do the job an ELD should do – track miles. But what a waste not to have the numbers transferred into your accounting program directly! Why reenter your data when the right ELD app will do it for you?

Bookkeeper Gets the Load Right Away

When the trucking management system and the ELD work together, billing is simple. BOLs get uploaded and attached to invoices that can go out immediately. Invoices get paid faster when all the important information, like the signed BOL and relevant extra charges are already included because they’re entered into the system, not waiting for an envelope to be delivered to the office. (Or worse, half the important documents, like receipts for fuel or repairs, are missing.)

By streamlining the TMS plus the ELD, most of the headaches in trucking disappear.

So what are you waiting for?

Here’s a video that explains the process for the TruckingOffice TMS Pro and the TruckingOffice ELD system. How a dispatcher uploads the data. How the driver gets it to assure the best, fastest delivery, and how the bookkeeper can expedite the cash flow back into your trucking business.

Not sure you need this system? Think it’s more than you need?

Then let us show it to you. You can try TruckingOffice TMS for free right now. Then you’ll understand how much easier running a trucking fleet can be.

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