You heard me.  Don’t waste your time on your IFTA.

I’m not telling you to ignore it or to not do it.  I’m just pointing out that this chore has all the appeal of cleaning up my dog’s leftovers in the backyard after it rains.

Many of us remember the bad old days before the IFTA.  We appreciate the streamlined system of the IFTA.  But now that we’ve got computers, if you’re spending more than an hour on your IFTA, you’re working too hard.

Yes, I said one hour on your IFTA is too much.

Sure, you think I’m crazy.

I’m not and I’ll tell you why.  When you create invoices with TruckingOffice TMS, then the data you need to file your IFTA is already in our secure database.  You don’t have to

  • go look for the numbers or
  • pull out maps or
  • get on Google maps

to compute your miles per state.  It’s all done for you with our trucking management software.

We’ve got a report for the IFTA.  If you’ve been keeping up with your invoices and fuel purchases, it should take something like 10 seconds to get a report for you to file your IFTA.  A few minutes to go to the state websites and make the payments and you’re done.

Why are you wasting your time on your IFTA?

I bet you’ve got plenty of other things to do.  There’s baseball to watch.  Your kids need your attention.  That cab isn’t going to clean itself.  There even may be another load you can take because you’re not tied to your desktop computer at home for eight hours and then spending another few days worried that you did it wrong.

If you’re using TruckingOffice TMS, the IFTA isn’t the only thing your invoice data can speed up.  You’ll be able to know

  • your cost per mile
  • the revenue per load
  • your trip expenses

That’s worth your time because when you know your costs, you’ll know what loads to take and what to pass.

Trucking management software shouldn’t just be about the miles and the dollars.  You need to take care of the equipment too.

We’ve got a powerful maintenance module built into TruckingOffice TMS.  You can track your truck’s repair record and schedule future maintenance before you break down on the road.   I don’t think you need to waste time on the side of the road along and waste money on the emergency repair call.

So quit wasting time.  You can try out our TruckingOffice TMS for free – we’ll give you a free trial.  What you save in time and money will pay for TruckingOffice every month.

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