Cyber Monday – where every online company has sales to push this one day of the year.

We’re not going to miss it either.


Whether you’re looking for yourself or the trucker in your life, trucking management software is the tool every trucker needs to make sure they are making money.  It’s not just about keeping track of the invoices.

Right now, your trucker is looking at

  • creating invoices
  • creating routings for loads
  • sending invoices
  • making sure the invoices are paid.

Trucking is a complicated industry.  It needs a complex solution that works with truckers to do what they need, not what the accountant needs.

Account management is only one part of a good trucking management solution.

Keeping track of equipment is equally important.  A trucker has to know when maintenance is to be scheduled – and when it was done.  The DOT requires records to be produced at an audit to prove that someone is taking responsibility for having a reliable and safe vehicle on the road.

Truckers might try to keep records with receipts and calendars, but that’s not much help when the records are at home – and the truck is on the side of the road.  It’s important to have easy access to records to save money and time.  If the records aren’t available, what good are they?

Developing a strong customer list removes the risk of the load board.  Being stuck with only what you’re quick enough to catch on a load board means a trucker is only getting the loads that a shipper couldn’t find a regular driver to handle.  Sometimes that’s good.  Most times, it’s not.  It’s smarter to have a regular customer list to reach out and build your own lanes for steady work at good pay.  Shippers like having reliable truckers to call on.  That way they don’t have to take a risk on an unknown trucker.

Tracking your best customers and working to keep them happy is way better than trying to find a load to get back home that won’t cost money to haul.

Knowing what makes and breaks your bottom line is the difference between success and bankruptcy. There are times when the pay per mile is sky high.  There are other times when the decision between hauling a low-paying load and deadheading back home is not so easy to make.  Knowing a few key numbers, such as

  • revenue per mile
  • expenses per mile
  • profit per mile

will make all the difference to a trucker when the call offering a load comes.  We don’t know of a single professional accounting program – including QuickBooks – that will provide those numbers.  Truckers need software that is customized to trucking.

Those are only a few of the benefits of using a trucking management solution like TruckingOffice TMS.  How about a Cyber Monday sale that won’t cost you a dime to discover the additional powers of TruckingOffice?

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  • track your accounts receivable
  • prepare your IFTA and IRP reports
  • maintain your maintenance records
  • create your routings with PC*Milertrack your drivers’ records and payments.

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