With so many electronic logging device companies out there, it can be difficult to decide which ELD system fits your company the best. Specific features can make using your ELD easy for you or your truck drivers. One such feature is an editable ELD logbook. Perhaps you want a Bluetooth feature, making it easy to connect your electronic logging device to your phone or tablet.

Another vital detail you want to check in an ELD is its compliance. Does your device comply with the ELD mandate? If not, you would be looking at trouble for not having a compliant ELD. Out of all of these details, one of the most important aspects of an electronic logging device for a trucking company is the price. Depending on the company, an ELD could cost thousands and thousands of dollars. Other companies offer electronic logging devices for as little as $20 a month.


The first thing to look at when looking for an ELD system for your company is its features. An ELD doesn’t just have to be there for compliance of the ELD mandate when it can do so much more. Many different ELD companies,  including TruckingOffice, have different sorts of features with their electronic logging devices. For example, TruckingOffice includes a dashboard with their ELD. This allows you to easily and efficiently manage your logs. From this dashboard, you can change your duty status, add logs, certify logs, and send or display over seven days worth of logs to whomever you need.

TruckingOffice also includes a vehicle interface device (free with the purchase of an annual plan). This device is plugged into the electronic control module port and communicates with the computer in your truck. The VID links up with the TruckingOffice ELD application and is managed by your company’s control center, making it one of the best FMCSA compliant ELD systems. 

Staying Connected

For some, cellular coverage plays a big part in maintaining accurate data with an ELD. For instance, if a truck driver has driven with a cellularly connected ELD in an area with no cellular service, they will lose that information. If they engaged in a roadside inspection after this, their results would be non-compliant since the ELD was missing information. With companies like TruckingOffice, you can simply connect your ELD to your devices using Bluetooth. This means that data will always remain connected and accurate.

Compliant ELDs 

Making sure the ELD system you are looking at is completely compliant is vital to your trucking company. Inaccurate ELD logbook entries can result in trouble for your company. With this list, you can easily search the company you are looking at, assuring it is a registered, compliant ELD.

ELD Pricing

The pricing of an ELD can reach exorbitant highs. Even so, there are companies that offer shockingly low prices for an ELD system. TruckingOffice has two plans for an electronic logging device. The first plan requires $20 a month and includes a complete ELD system, a mobile application, and with additional costs, a VID. The annual plan is $240 a year and includes all that the monthly plan does, except that the VID is completely free and the ELD is yours with one payment.

The Right ELD System for You 

Find out in this video why customer service ratings are crucial when choosing an ELD.

When purchasing an ELD system for your trucking company, you will want additional features, proper connectivity, good prices, and compliance. Not only is TruckingOffice’s ELD 100% compliant with FMCSA rules, but it has several useful features that make using an ELD simple. With Bluetooth connectivity, this ELD will never lose data in places that cellular ELDs would. TruckingOffice offers two plans for their ELD, a 20 dollar monthly plan and $240 plan (that includes a free VID). Choosing this ELD will change the way your trucking company works for the best.

Many truckers tend to get bogged down with all the rules and regulations they must follow just to operate their business and make a little money.  Too many dates, too much information to process, so many changes to keep up with. How can you possibly remember everything and still have room in your brain for anything else?  

Believe it or not, our ELD system will help by taking care of those pesky details such as mileage, fuel use, HOS, and more.  In fact, the data provided by ELD devices can also be used in several ways to improve your bottom line.  Another thing you may not realize is that ELDs improve driver safety. It’s also important that we point out how an ELD can help you track expenses, manage cash flow, improve dispatching, and help with reports.  These are the four pillars of trucking management, and our system is designed to provide the exact information you need to stay on top of those aspects of your business.

Getting Started

So, let’s get you started with the right ELD system for your operation.  Take a look at the features of our TruckingOffice ELD and you’ll see why thousands of truckers are glad they found our products. 

Looking for more information about our ELD? Check out our ELD Information Guide for more details!

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