There’s an old saying that goes something like this: “Never send a machine to do a man’s job.” It was true years ago, and it’s still true, even in this high-tech age. Nothing can replace the mind, muscles, and experience only human beings can provide.  That being said, even the most capable person can do very little without the right tools. That’s where accounting software for trucking business owners comes into the picture. It enables folks like you to take care of business faster, more accurately, and with less hassle than old-fashioned pen-and-paper methods.

21st Century Accounting Software for Trucking Business

Notice that we emphasize trucking business accounting software. QuickBooks and similar utilities are fantastic.  We know this because you ask us for features for you to use TruckingOffice with QuickBooks.  Our latest feature update: for those of you using the Quickbooks integrations, we recently added the ability to export expenses to QuickBooks.

But for many owner-operators, QuickBooks is more than we need.  We want a software package designed by a trucker for truckers.  QuickBooks is never going to

  • Keep you on top of IFTA matters, lessening your chances of fines, penalties, and audits.
  • Track your mileage precisely.
  • Remind you when maintenance comes due on every vehicle in your fleet.

If you’re an accountant, QuickBooks is your go-to software.  But good accounting software for trucking business doesn’t need an accountant.  It’s designed for us to track dispatches, capture and send images of bills of lading with FileSafe™, use PC*Miler to track trip mileage, and produce reports that will show us the true state of our business.

Sure, you could do all of this by hand.  But then when would you have time to drive the truck?

As you can see, TruckingOffice arms you with powerful capabilities unmatched by other products. This makes it an excellent investment, even if you also use another type of accounting software for trucking owners. While we could talk all day about how wonderful TruckingOffice is, the proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the 30-day free test drive. That’s right; you can use our product for 30 days with no cost or obligation. And we won’t ask you for credit card or checking account information unless you decide to stick with us after the trial is over. So put our accounting software for trucking business owners to work for you today. You won’t regret it.

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