If you own a trucking business, you already understand how frustrating it can be when you get disorganized around the office. It can take a long time to get back on track with all the paperwork to fill out and file and invoices to send in. But if you have access to reliable trucking management software, you can help eliminate many of the tedious tasks involved in your daily life at the office. 

What is Trucking Management Software?

Trucking management software – also known as TMS – offers a unified way to easily keep track of your drivers, pay invoices, manage your dispatch records and monitor your IFTA reports. This software may be used by a single owner such as the company owner or dispatcher. Or it can also be used by several members of the company who help manage a fleet of drivers. 

What to Look For In The Best Trucking Management Software 

There are a few things you should look for when buying a TMS program. You want to find software that will help improve your profits while also saving you time. Also needed is a TMS that allows you to monitor what maintenance is needed on your fleet. This also will help you find ways to save on fuel costs. You will also need a TMS program that keeps track of invoices, sends them out,  lets you know which clients haven’t paid you yet. This can help improve any cash flow issues you may be experiencing. 

Five Reasons to Give TruckingOffice TMS A Try 

Trucking management software can help you out in a number of ways. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should be using it. 

Helps You Save Time and Stay Organized

TMS is an excellent tool if you need a way to keep all your reports, invoices, and other important files organized. You can input all the data into your program. It will be there in one convenient location for you whenever you need it. 

It Integrates with ELD Systems 

Since the ELD mandate passed in recent years, it is important to have an electronic logging device that will keep track of hours of service and other important details. The TruckingOffice TMS works along with your ELD. This is so you have all the information stored together, making it much easier for you and others to access. 

Keeps Track of your IFTA Reports 

Your company’s IFTA reports must be filed on a routine basis and therefore you must keep track of these details. This TMS system will organize your IFTA information so that filing your report is a simple and easy process. Making that one less thing for you to worry about. 

Helps You Avoid Human Errors 

By adding everything to the TMS you can help to avoid many common human errors. These errors would often be very time consuming to fix and could even cause the company to lose money. This means using trucking management software can help your company save both time and money.

Improve Your Company’s Cash Flow 

With automatic invoicing, you will always send out an invoice to your clients on time, helping to ensure that they will pay you promptly. TMS also helps you keep track of all your client’s contact details with a built-in address book. Plus, if you have any clients you are expecting payment from, the TMS system will let you know who has and has not paid yet. 

Get in Touch with TruckingOffice Today for More Details 

Now that you know what our trucking management software can do, it’s time to give it a try. Visit TruckingOffice.com today for more information on how to get started.

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