Common Problems with Fleet Management

Fleet management companies manage all aspects of day-to-day operations for commercial motor carriers.  Specifically, fleet management means tracking vehicle maintenance, fuel consumption, route planning, driver management, and productivity.  It’s a huge, stressful job that can present a lot of challenges or problems such as:

  1. Excessive time spent on administrative tasks.  Things like quoting and invoicing limits the time available for performing revenue-generating tasks.
  2. Keeping up with fuel consumption and costs when prices fluctuate overnight.  Fuel costs can account for about 60% of the operating budget, so it must be managed efficiently.
  3. Rising vehicle maintenance expenses.  It’s crucial to ensure regular vehicle maintenance despite the increasing costs.  Highway safety is a priority.
  4. Miscommunication between fleet managers and their teams.  Reaching drivers via email, a radio phone, or SMS isn’t always possible.  This can lead to scheduling problems that, in turn, can affect profits.
  5. Inaccurately estimated delivery times.  This can have a negative effect on the motor carrier’s reputation.  Customer satisfaction is the key to a successful business.

TruckingOffice has a solution to these problems.  Our fleet management software helps you handle all those pesky administrative tasks to give you more time to concentrate on providing excellent service to customers.  It will also help improve efficiency, save money, and keep those drivers happily driving.

4 Solutions to Common Problems

  1. By simplifying the calculation and payment of your IFTA taxes. While no one enjoys paying the taxman, we can take the hassle out of figuring out how much you owe and then paying it promptly. This will help keep you out of trouble with auditors and enable every aspect of your business to run more smoothly.
  2. By making sure you stay on top of vehicle maintenance. As you know, missing oil changes, overhauls, and other required upkeep can not only lead to mechanical problems but can also expose you to serious liabilities in case of an accident. That’s why we built friendly reminders into our fleet management solution software. With TruckingOffice, your vehicles stay up-to-date and ready to roll at all times.
  3. By enabling easy, automatic invoicing of your clients. With TruckingOffice in your corner, you’ll never miss an overdue invoice again. This will help to ensure reliable cash flow and prevent delays in payment.
  4. By ensuring your people are paid accurately and on time, every time. Nothing ruins a driver’s morale quicker than money issues. And, with the demand for transportation professionals far outstripping the supply, it’s important to keep your people in good spirits. With our fleet management solutions for payroll, you can make sure your people are taken care of, so they will in turn take care of you.

These are just a few of the many fleet management solutions TruckingOffice provides. We’re so sure you’ll love our software we’re willing to let you take it for a free 30-day test drive. And leave your credit card and checkbook where they’re at; you won’t need them unless you decide to stick with us for the long haul. We look forward to welcoming you to the TruckingOffice family!

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