TruckingOffice’s truck fleet management software can help you to meet the challenge

March 30If you’re running your own transportation company, whether you run one truck or 1,000, you’ve got big challenges.  Fail to succeed here and your business will fail.  So why do we say that TruckingOffice trucking management software helps you overcome these challenges?  Three big reasons.

1. Manage Your Invoices and IFTA with One Dispatch Entry.

Why do you need to enter the same numbers into a computer twice – or three times?  You shouldn’t need to.  Those numbers aren’t going anywhere – unless you use TruckingOffice.  Our unique system will take the information you enter with our One Minute Dispatch Entry form and you’ll have all the numbers you need –

  • mileage for IFTA and IRP,
  • invoices to send out for billing
  • driver settlements,
  • profit and loss statements,
  • management reports to show where and how you’re making money.

Unlike other software packages on the market, TruckingOffice was built by truckers, for truckers. It offers hundreds of unique features that run-of-the-mill programs simply can’t match, making it the product of choice for trucking professionals like yourself.

2.  Work in the 21st Century with 21st Century Technology

Plenty of truckers try to use a GPS or Google Maps for routing, Google Spreadsheets to track fuel expenses and QuickBooks to manage the bookkeeping.

It can be done – a lot of truckers do it.  But when it’s time to figure out your IFTA, how many different programs do you have to consult?

When it’s time to figure out how to bid on a load and you’ve got two minutes before someone else snatches it from you, do you know how much you’re going to make -or lose?

Using TruckingOffice software and keeping your data in the cloud, you’re freeing yourself to

  • Use PC*Miler to compute the route and the mileage at no extra charge
  • Track your expenses per load and compare them to the revenue you earned.
  • Determine what’s the cost per mile of your rig – and how not to bid so low as to lose money on a load.
  • Lets you save and send the image of your bills of lading – speeding up your billing cycle considerably.

Cloud-based storage lets you manage all of this data wherever you are – at a truckstop 500 miles from home or in front of your TV at home.  No need to be tied to a desktop or even a laptop.  TruckingOffice works on your tablet or cell phone – wherever you can access the Internet, your data is available and still secure.  Instead of waiting for snail mail, you can get your invoice to the shippers in a matter of seconds, not days.  By using a Cloud-based software, you can be sure that it’s up to date without worrying about missing critical updates because we take care of that for you.

3.  Your Rig Is Your Job: How Do You Take Care of It?

Some things just have to be done on a regular basis – like checking your compressors in the fall before the winter cold freezes your brake lines.  Other things depend on the miles you’ve driven – oil changes, tires, filters.  Try using a calendar for those.

The regular maintenance is simple – but what about those things you just had done?  Can you remember the last time your fuel lines were checked?  The battery was replaced?  Is it really time to get a new one or has the replacement failed too soon?  If you have more than one truck, trying to keep that all straight gets complicated.

Our Maintenance Records and Scheduling Program tracks all your maintenance needs and cycles.

  • Service based on dates
  • Service based on mileage
  • Repairs done – the date, the provider and the work done.
  • Schedules future work – keep the truck safe by getting things done before they go bad.

What Worries You?

  1. This is a true turn-key solution to the problems of running a busy organization like yours.  No need for other software programs for the IFTA or business reports.
  2. TruckingOffice is remarkably simple to use.  Our learning curve is so short that you’ll find that with just a few entries, you’ll be the master of this program.
  3. We back you with our staff of highly trained experts; we’re just a toll-free phone call away if you ever have a question.

TruckingOffice’s truck fleet management software will give you the tools you need for business success. Find out how good our product is by taking it for a free 30-day test drive today.

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