Rough road…

In today’s trucking industry it sure seems like the cards are stacked against you as an independent owner/operator.  It always seems like freight rates are going down and expenses are going up.  In today’s troubled economy it seems tougher than ever before to turn a profit.  Fuel prices are high, DOT (Department of Transportation) is performing more roadside inspections than ever before, insurance costs are high, and then you always have to worry about the DOT compliance review.  I am not telling you anything you don’t already know though, right?


Consider this…

The FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) recognizes the fact that 85% of all motor carriers in the U.S. have 5 trucks or less.  They also realize that all of these smaller carriers do not have the resources that the “big guys” have.  They don’t have a full time staff for safety and compliance professionals, and they often times don’t have the resources to go out and buy brand new equipment.  Because they recognize this problem they are targeting the smaller independent carriers more than ever before.  It is not their intention to drive them all out of business; however they do want to weed out the bad ones.  It is important to understand this fact and stay sharp in order to succeed in today’s trucking industry.


TruckingOffice is the answer…

As an owner of a small fleet of trucks you often times have to wear many hats.  You have to be the dispatcher, the accountant, the safety manager, the human resource manager, and often times a driver too.  With all this responsibility and only so many hours in the day you need a way to manage all your efforts.  TruckingOffice will help you in many ways. By entering all of your loads into TruckingOffice as dispatches you will gain a much better understanding of where your most profitable lanes are, who your best customers are, and which trucks are the most profitable.  You will have all of you customer information at your fingertips.  You will learn what your revenue per mile is and your average revenue per load.  You will be able to see your profit per mile as well.  And that’s just the beginning, if you use TruckingOffice for six months you will wonder how you ever got along without it.


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