How to enter expenses.

Bookkeeping for truck drivers.


To add a new expense category, click on the ‘Add an Expense Category’ button

– enter in the name of the expense, then click save.


To add an expense, click the ‘Add Expense’ button

– select the category > type of expense or add a new expense category

– add the date of the expense. use the small calendar to the right to select the date.

– input the amount of the expense

– description of expense is optional

– select the truck (if applicable) that the expense is attached to

– select save


If you are adding in a ‘Fuel’ expense

– follow the steps above, except add the additional information before saving

– select the truck for which you need to add in the fuel expense

– entering in the number of gallons and the odometer miles is optional

– you must enter a ‘Fuel Vender’ (select a contact or ‘Create New Fuel Vendor’)

– select the state that the fuel expense is coming from

– select save


To ‘create a new fuel vender’, click the link below the drop down box

– required information that must be entered is the company name, city, and state.

– select save

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