We have set aside the two best ways to get your authority. You may choose to do it yourself, or use our partner GLauthority.com

The Steps to Do it Yourself

  1. Determine the type of operation authority
  2. Name your company and determine if you will classify as a sole proprietor, a partnership, or a corporation.
  3. Be approved for primary liability and cargo insurance.
  4. Make sure you have startup money for the authority filing fee, insurance, permits, base plates, equipment and enrollment in a drug/alcohol program.
  5. New entrant registration requires for-hire motor carriers to complete an OP-1(P) form, the BOC-3 form, and pay the Federal fee for authority of $300. (Private carriers are not required to file an OP-1 or BOC-3 or pay the fee)
  6. Complete the Motor Carrier Identification Report and Safety Certification Application for a USDOT number.

For more information about getting your own authority, click here or contact OOIDA at (1-800-444-5791)

Get Your Authority from GLAuthority.com

  1. Packages starting at $550, which include both federal and state fees.
  2. NO applications to fill out, they handle all the paperwork!
  3. Multiple packages to choose from based on your operating authority.
  4. Prepare both Federal and State permits in one package deal.
  5. GLauthority.com gives you access to GetLoaded load board FREE for your first 2 months.
  6. As a TruckingOffice customer you receive $50-$100 off your GLauthority package!

To learn more visit glauthority.com or call (866-265-3172)

TruckingOffice is here when you are ready!

Getting your own authority is an exciting step, and we cant wait to have you as a customer.

After you have gotten approved, take us for a FREE 30 day test drive and discover how you can maximize success for your new business!

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