San Antonio, TX. – May 9, 2012TruckingOffice today announced an agreement to acquire HammerLane Software, a long time provider of desktop applications for owner operators, leased fleets, and full fleets in the trucking industry.

TruckingOffice is an online software system targeted at owner operators and small fleets.  It is an all-in-one trucking management software (TMS).

Fred Gasperson, a pioneer in TMS, started building HammerLane in 1986.  He saw a need for an easy to use system to run trucking businesses.

“The needs of today’s trucking company have changed, but they still need something that is easy to use.  I’m excited to see the work I started moving into the next generation.  I’m also glad to see that the mission of helping out truckers is being carried on by TruckingOffice”, said Gasperson.

TruckingOffice and HammerLane Software share the common mission of giving owner operators and small fleets the tools they need to run their trucking businesses successfully.

“With increased competition, volatile fuel prices, and increasing regulation, running a trucking business is hard enough.  We share a common mission with HammerLane: make running the business easy,” said Allen Campbell, Director of Business Development.

TruckingOffice will begin working with HammerLane customers immediately to transition from the desktop to the Internet so that they can gain all of the benefits of TruckingOffice’s advanced technology.

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About TruckingOffice, LLC.

The company was founded in 2005 by Allen and Ron Campbell with the mission of making it easy for owner operators to run their trucking businesses. TruckingOffice is an online trucking management software focused on owner operators.  It currently serves customers across the United States and Canada. The company is based in San Antonio, Texas.

About HammerLane Software, Inc.

Hammerlane was founded in 1986 by Fred Gasperson in Oregon. HammerLane produces trucking software that helps truckers.  It was designed with the needs of today’s trucker in mind, HammerLane Software delivers programs that perform the day-to-day tasks you need to do business.

HammerLane customers click here for more information.

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