What to Expect from Our Simple, Easy, & Compliant ELD Solution

The new TruckingOffice ELD is the best electronic logging device available for easy compliance. Here’s how it works.

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The vehicle interface device (VID) is designed to talk to the computer in your truck.  It plugs into the ECM (electronic control module) port that is normally located under your dashboard.  All you have to do is plug it into the J1939 plug and that’s it (all ECM plugs are supported).  It will then communicate the necessary information to your electronic logbook application on your phone or tablet via low energy blue tooth technology.  You don’t have to sync it or do anything special.

The driver interface is an electronic logbook application that you download from the app store on your favorite device.  This is a bring your own device solution (BYOD).  The app is easy to understand because it based on the traditional log book that you are used to.  We just put it on the phone app and made it talk to the VID.  That’s what makes it the best ELD solution for owner operators and fleet builders everywhere in the trucking industry.  This is also an easy to install and easy to manage solution for private fleets of all sizes.

The company interface is the place where the company can manage all driver log book records for all trucks in the fleet.  Whether you have one truck, or many trucks you need to set up your account in the company interface.  This is where you enter all of your set up info, and where all of your DOT (Department of Transportation) records are kept.

The VID linked to the logbook app then managed by the company control center creates the best completely compliant ELD system available.  This system was built from the ground up in compliance with every DOT regulation but nothing extra.  No extra tracking or reporting involved to protect your privacy.  The system is easy to learn and easy to use, just like everything produced by the awesome development team here at TruckingOffice.  That’s why thousands of trucking companies large and small, far and wide already depend on TruckingOffice for management and reliability to run their trucking business daily.

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Estimated release date is Oct 1, 2017.  Stay tuned for further details.

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