Team Driver Trucking Software

If you’re a driver who’s serious about maximizing your income, then team driving is the way to go. Being able to assign two drivers to a load helps to increase profits, whether it’s a husband-and-wife team, or just two drivers partnering up! A team driver can keep the truck on the road longer than a single owner-operator, and having someone to fall back on can be a life-saver if you become sick or too tired to continue driving. In addition, having a second driver is great for help with inspections, loading/unloading and other non-driving tasks.

The key to success, however, is good communication. Our team driver trucking software is a great value, because it helps teams share information about route planning, scheduling, freight details, toll booths, etc. It also allows you to manage your teams as effectively as you manage individual truckers, without time-consuming mix-ups related to pay rates, scheduling, or assignments. The result is a better-running, more profitable operation for everyone involved.

Pros and Cons of Team Driving

Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re deciding whether to drive solo or as part of a team:

  • A team can keep the truck on the road much longer than a single operator. This means you’ll get a lot more miles in, with bigger paychecks as a result.
  • You’ll have someone to fall back on in case of sickness, injury, or other emergencies.
  • Partners spend a lot of time together inside a cramped environment. This can easily lead to disagreements or even arguments if your personalities don’t match, so find someone you can get along with and have a professional relationship with.
  • Getting rest while on the go means that you’ll need to learn how to sleep when the truck is rolling down the highway. For some people, this is no trouble at all. For others, it’s a deal-breaker, so be sure you know what you’re getting into before considering team driving.


  • Pay each driver of the team their own pay rate
  • Assign some loads to individual drivers, and some to the team.


  • Track all truck miles no matter who is driving
  • Maintain DOT compliance