Are you worried about having to learn a new logbook system before the mandate becomes the law of the land?

The new TruckingOffice ELD is the best electronic logging device available for easy compliance.

The Most Affordable ELD Solution! (Rocket Science Not Required)


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What do truckers say about TruckingOffice?

TruckingOffice has been trusted by owner operators and fleet builders for years.  That is why we are the industry leader in providing TMS (trucking management software) to the trucking community that is easy to use and highly effective.

I love this cloud based program. It does it all and helps you keep compliant. I would recommend it to any owner operator or motor carrier, and the price is great. You can’t beat it. Keep on doing great TruckingOffice.
Mic Damon


Good program. Has really helped improve my productivity and time management.
Deven Scott


We use this everyday and this couldn’t be easier. It created more time for me to get my household duties done. Since we run our business out of our home it is extremely helpful. I would recommend this to anyone!!
Billie Tinley

Trucker's Wife

This program is friggin’ awesome. Very user friendly. Love it!
Chris Hunter



  • VIDs (vehicle interface device) are currently in stock.  Secure your order before they are all sold out.
  • Don’t risk missing the deadline because of last minute inventory shortages.
  • Buy your ELD system today, then start using it when you are ready to.

No installation required. Complete plug and play operation for easy compliance.

FMCSA Certified

Fully compliant with all FMCSA guidelines. GUARANTEED!

  • FMCSA Certified
  • Easy Roadside Inspections
  • Only Provides Required Data to DOT – NOTHING EXTRA
  • Edit Your Logbook Records (except driving time per FMCSA rules)
  • Quality, Reliability, and Dependability – Always the top priority for the expert TruckingOffice development and customer service team!

Should I go monthly?

The monthly deal is great if you don’t want a contract or make a long term commitment.  All you have to do is pre-pay for the VID ($89.95) then it’s just $20/mo/truck.

Or should I go annual?

The annual plan is the most popular because it includes the VID for free.  That’s an $89.95 instant savings!  Then you are all set for the year.  That means you’re only paying $12.50 per month/per truck.

How do the roadside inspections work?

No printing required.  The system can email them to the DOT Inspector, it can send it to them via data transfer, or you can display the info on your mobile device.


Can I edit my logs?

Yes you can edit your log information, and you can add missing change of duty status changes.  The only thing that you can’t change is the driving time per the FMCSA rules.

How do I see all my driver’s logbook information?

You will be able to log into the web application from the website.  Then, you will be able to view and maintain all driver logbook information.

Can I use a tablet?

Yes, you can use a tablet to run your Elogs as long as it has data service.  The data service from your cell phone provider is used to keep all your records synced up and stored on the servers.