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How The TruckingOffice ELD & Electronic Logbook Works


The TruckingOffice ELD is unlike any other electronic logbook currently on the market. A plug-and-play solution, our ELD lets you bring your own device, meaning it’s easier to learn and less expensive to install – a win-win for both your time and your wallet.

Here’s how it works for owner operators:

  • The vehicle interface device, or VID, plugs directly into the electronic control module port under your dashboard. You’ll plug it right into the J1939 plug located there.
  • You’ll download our electronic logbook app to your mobile phone or tablet device, log in and open it up. The app is based on traditional paper logbooks you’re used to, so it will look and feel familiar, making it easy to learn and even easier to use.
  • The VID will communicate with your app using low-energy Bluetooth technology. All you have to do is open the app, and you’ll see an updated count of mileage, hours and other important details.

For companies and fleet managers, our ELD looks like this:

  • Your drivers will use our logbook app and VIDs to track their mileage and hours.
  • You’ll use the company control center to monitor the trucks and drivers within your fleet.
  • Whenever needed, you can log into the control center to access all of your DOT records, hours, miles and other details. The information is stored safely, securely and in full compliance with all rules and regulations.

It’s the ideal solution for trucking companies and fleets of all sizes. There’s no tedious set-up process, no huge learning curve and no giant overhead cost to deal with. You’ll enjoy complete ELD and DOT compliance instantly, not to mention make managing your fleet and optimizing its efficiency easier in the process.

To learn more about our unique ELD, get in touch with TruckingOffice, or order your plug-and-play electronic logbook today.



What is ELD? Get the FAQs


What is the ELD mandate?

The ELD (or Electronic Logging Device) mandate is a ruling established by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The rule states that most commercial vehicles operating in the U.S. must utilize electronic, on-board devices to log mileage. These ELDs are meant to replace traditional paper logs, which were tedious and difficult for drivers and inspectors alike.

When do I have to comply with the ELD mandate?

The ELD mandate officially went into effect December 18, 2017, so if you’ve yet to install your electronic logging device, you’re likely not compliant with the FMCSA’s new ruling. However, there are exceptions to this deadline: vehicles that use AOBRDs to log their mileage are legal until December 16, 2019. After that, truckers will need to install an ELD and comply with the ELD mandate. AOBRDs will become noncompliant with FCMSA regulations after this date.

What does an ELD do?

An electronic logging device automatically records mileage of the truck it is installed on. At regular intervals, it will electronically note the date, time, GPS location, engine hours, vehicle miles, driver ID number, vehicle and motor carrier. This produces an electronic log that the driver can approve on a daily basis.